We are pioneers of quenching technology.
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Long experience and solid technology

We can respond to various conditions, product specifications and customer demands by many years of experience and reliable technology. In case of parts processing that we need just one blueprint. We can do material arrangement, machining, polishing and heat treatment ourselves. That means we can deliver products to customer speedy.

Company name Tachibana-Giken
Establishment April 1974
CEO Osamu Tanahashi
Major Business Area General Engineering (Heat treatment of metal and parts processing. Assembly.) Development design manufacture and sales of Induction hardening apparatus, Coil, Laser hardening apparatus and various types of industrial devices.
Employees 6
Head office 2-2-58 Tekkou-Machi Nagaoka-City Niigata-Pref Japan
Phone +81-258-28-2238
FAX +81-258-29-0102
Associated Company Tachibana-Honpo, Marubishi-Denshi Inc.
Tachibana Giken Co., Ltd. 2-2-58 Tekkou-Machi Nagaoka-City Niigata-Pref Japan
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