We are pioneers of quenching technology.
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Our Specialty is induction hardening and building peripheral equipment. (Loader/Unloader, Conveying line, Clening equipment, Drying equipment) Also we manufacture equipment that a high-frequency power source applied. Induction Hardening is the most widely used for a part quenching. This technology is applied by induction heating called Joule heat. Our induction hardening apparatus can cover various sizes that palm-sized parts to 6.5ft long-shaft.
We are pioneer of quenching technology.
If you are in trouble at a stain of metal shaft, want a hardening tool steel or processing bearing steel.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will respond cost and delivery time flexibly.

Induction hardening apparatus TG3000Kw Gate type

This is mobile coil apparatus. Moving distance is 50ft. Allowable size of this induction hardening apparatus is 13ft width and 66134lb.
It is best for large parts or member.
Please feel free to contract us.

Induction hardening apparatus-large circular type

This is induction hardening apparatus for large circular type parts.
It is best for large size gears or rings(φ4inch to 40inch)

Articulated robot for supplying and ejecting

Work on articulated robot for supplying and ejecting.
There is xyz axis combination robot in addition to this.
Corresponding robot manufactures are Mitsubishi Electronic, FUNAC, DENSO, EPSON, Yaskawa Electronic Co, IAI, YAMAHA, and FESTO.
According to customer specifications correspond.

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